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Impact Model
Our Sustainable Development Goals
Impact Measurement Indicators
(As of 2019)
  1. No. of small tribal families impacted: 1446

  2. No. of families getting two nutritional meals daily: 971

  3. Acres of wasteland converted into productive land: 2620 acres

  4. No. of small farmers trained in agroforestry system: 1650

  5. Wage employment generated for landless: 7200 person days ( for 700 men & women)

  6. No. of saplings planted till date:  1,863,613

  7. Quantity of Millet and Pulses produced as intercrop: 325,000 kg

  8. Output of Millet per acre: 400 kg

  9. Profit generated for farmers: Each 1 USD invested generates over 17 USD for farmer

  10. Number of farmers outside BPL: 80 families

  11. Carbon Sequestration till date (@36.5 tons/acre) : 95,630 tons

Out of 2.5 billion small farmers, one billion still live in extreme poverty, earning less than US$1.25 a day

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