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About SAI

SAI-Sustainable Agro started as an Indian Startup founded in 2013 to enable small and marginal  farmers to come out of poverty and lead a dignified life.
In 2017, SAI Agro forestry model was adjudged as proven business model from eco-inclusive enterprises around the world by SEED-Germany (, a donor platform promoted by UNDP, UNEP, and European Union (EU).  SAI expanded into Africa to support farmers in Ghana, Uganda and South Africa.
In 2019 SAI expanded to support the farmers and sustainable food production globally.  Registered in United States and set for operating at scale and enabled by a digital platform.
SAI plans to conduct fund raising via grants and investments. In our model all the funds get transferred to the farmers.
SAI Leadership Team
Jitendra Sinha.png

Jitendra Sinha

Over 25 years of experience in Agriculture, Rural development and Policy development planning with a triple masters to go along with it. Served as Chief Technical Adviser to UNDP/GEF INRM Programme in Iran and Senior Adviser to World Bank/IFC Farm Forestry Programme. founder of SAI agro in and co-founder and CEO of SAI SPC.


SAI runs on a unique ‘Inclusive Business Model’ where we integrate smallholder farmers directly into the corporate value chain. Our strength is our expertise in mobilizing scattered and remotely located small landholders, building their capacities and linking them with access to inputs, finance, technologies and markets together with closed supply chain right at their doorstep.

Vaibhav Sharma.jpg

Vaibhav Sharma

A transformation leader with over 25 years of experience helping large organizations transform digitally. A background in Banking and technology.

Co-founder of SAI SPC ( social purpose corporation ) and founder of Agriculture platform as a service. This platform will help in supporting the scale of SAI's operations. 

Environment & Sustainability

Sustainable employment and income generation: By training and employing rural youth as full time Community Resource Person and empowering them around agro forestry farming model.

Reduction in Global warming: As per UNFCCC assessment in SAI area, expected carbon sequestration is 36.5 tons per acre over a crediting period of 30 years.

Reclaiming degraded land: SAI improves humus content and make degraded lands fertile. Annually, we add approximately 30 kilograms of  nitrogen per acre through inter-cropping with legume crops.

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