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Farmer's hand watering a young plant
Farmer's hand watering a young plant

Solutions for a Sustainable World

SAI  is disrupting conventional approaches to develop sustainable livelihoods. 

We have developed a sustainable Agro-forestry model to maximize yield.

We raise funds for generating sustainable economic model with a farmer- centric approach


We help and empower small scale farmers to come out of poverty

We tailor a universal model varied for local demands that include the following services:

  • Identify partners that replicate our model into their communities.

  • Channel the right resources in the form of seeds, saplings, tools and equipment etc.

  • Provide training and mentoring at different levels ( partners, farmers etc.. )

  • Give farmers access to fair market linkages. 

  • Facilitate doorstep delivery and logistics for the farmers.

Farmer's hand planting seed in soil.jpg

SAI mission:

  •  Improve livelihoods of small  and marginal farmers

  • Transforming unproductive and barren lands through sustainable and eco-friendly Agro-forestry farming 

  • Developing zero waste value chains for agricultural produce.

What is Next for SAI
  • Fundraising and Investments

  • Rehabilitate migrant workers with agriculture based employment Post COVID-19.

  • End to end digital platform using Blockchain for supporting scale of operations.

Latest News 

COVID-19 update

May 2020

SAI operations in India has helped with continued support of livelihoods of farmers during the COVID-19 situation

payment to truck driver.jpg

Immediate payments to truck drivers and agriculture wage laborers to help them cope in current situation

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